I’m a retired college professor of political theory, mother, wife, LDS, feminist, geek, green, and quirkfilled ball of delight. I have strongly held opinions about matters of small importance, and general principles that I try to live my life by for matters of great importance.

My guiding principle is love.

I think we need to work to understand the experience of others and the complexity of interrelationships in the modern world. We need to understand the full repercussions of our lives.

The unexamined life is the life not worth living (thanks, Socrates) and so I ask commenters to be respectful but challenging.

The two rules of this blog are “Don’t forget to be awesome” – Nerdfighter slogan and “Don’t be a dick” – Wil Wheaton

If you are obviously trolling, I will bring down the ban hammer. Don’t mess with me.