by sisterarnell

Today I pray for the mothers in Turkey, who have gone from holding their children in their arms to forming human barriers with those same arms; mothers joining together to protect their own children and the children of the fallen from their own government.

I pray for those fighting in Syria, who face suppression and sarin and certain death with courage and resolve.

I pray for those who are lonely and afraid, wherever they may be in this world. I pray for those who wake up each morning with the credible fear that they will not make it through the day.

I pray for the child soldiers and the child starving.

I pray for all those who work for a better tomorrow that they may be filled with hope and peace and the ability to keep the horrors at  bay as they dream.

I pray for the knowledge of what I can do to make a better tomorrow for all of those for whom I pray, and I pray for the ability to act in accordance with that knowledge.

Blessed are the peacemakers, Father. Let me be a maker of peace.