Today I am a golf ball

by sisterarnell

So the story goes that golf balls used to be smooth and round until golfers realized that their older ones, with the dents and the scratches actually went further. There’s a lot of physics involved in exactly why that is, but the point is that now golf balls are designed with dimples all over them to mimic the effect of being beat up.

When we’re having struggles and trials, it’s easy to focus on all the bumps and bruises you are accumulating. It’s difficult to think about the purpose for those trials, or to be grateful for them. I have several chronic illnesses and live with constant, sometimes debilitating pain. I’ve finally found a treatment that is helping, but I’ve been in pain every day since June of 1998. It’s hard to be grateful for that, especially when I see how it affects those around me, especially my husband and my child. But today I am grateful for my bumps and dimples, because it has helped me develop empathy and patience and to take advantage of the good times. Sometimes I think I focus too much on trying to smooth myself out and make myself perfect instead of appreciating that sometimes, the dents actually give you character.