What I thought of the conventions

I was asked to talk about the conventions.

I didn’t watch the conventions. Conventions used to serve a purpose. They actually picked the candidate. They were important. But we’ve known for several months or years, depending on which party you are talking about, who the candidate was going to be. It’s like a giant commercial for three days that involves lots of glitter, balloons, cheesy soundtracks, lying about your own record and that of your opponent, and a carefully choreographed slew of speeches that stay on theme.

I am kind of sad I missed the post-modern farce of Clint Eastwood rambling at an empty chair. Watching that on YouTube though, I have to say it hurt my opinion of the RNC. I mean, at least the DNC had the good sense to keep their Hollywood celebrities on script and Joe Biden sober.

Personally, I hate the two party system. It doesn’t work with the Constitution. It fosters divisiveness. And I’m holding it responsible for 17% of Ohio Republicans thinking Mitt Romney is responsible for Osama bin Laden’s death. I mean, really people?